Welcome to our office, where Coachella Valley goes for eye care.

Dr. Thanh-Vi Nguyen started this practice in 2012 with the following mission to guide the development of this practice:

Our mission is to be your trusted partner in health and eye care. To accomplish this mission, we have established some fundamental goals that we believe are vital to your well being and reflects the professionalism of every member of our team. We hereby present the goals, by which we will measure ourselves, to you and your judgment. While our mission will remain constant, the manner in which we carry out our mission will be ever evolving. To help us better serve you, we welcome all comments on how we can improve our service.

Fundamental goals…

First and foremost, we are a professional eye care organization focused on health and vision. Visits to our practice will be a process of thorough assessment of every patient’s health in relations to his or her eyes and vision. The examination and evaluation with our doctors, opticians and technicians are based on a need to understand the patient’s eye health and eye wear needs so our recommendations are specific to helping the specific individual.

Second, our advice and recommendations are based on sound knowledge and honest professional opinion. We will NOT advise a treatment or sell a product that we ourselves will not undertake if one of us were afflicted with the same condition. Such honest advice, however, may sometimes run counter to what our patients expect before visiting our practice, and therefore some may be disappointed by our recommendations. We ask here for their forgiveness as we take very seriously our responsibility to our patients’ well being, even at the risk of upsetting them.

Third, we are dedicated to providing great service. While great service starts with courteous treatment of our patients on the phone and in the office, it does not stop there. Service is a process of engaging our patients so the entire process of eye-care can be as stress-free as possible. Take the navigation of insurance plans, for example. We will help our patients understand their insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses so there are no hiding costs. Also, we stand fully behind our eye wear products so that the entire process of glasses ordering, production and dispensing are done with a singular goal of achieving the best possible product for our patients. When we dispense a pair of glasses, it will have passed our most stringent evaluation of quality. We will not hide our errors, but rather aim to identify and resolve them as early as possible.