We offer many options for contact lenses

There are a number of reasons why contact lenses are preferable to spectacle eyewear. Some of us desire the convenience, comfort, or aesthetics of being spectacle free. Others require contact lenses because spectacle eyewear is unable to provide adequate vision. With advancements in contact lens technology, more and more people are great candidates for successful contact lens wear. Today, you can even replace your bifocal glasses with bifocal contact lenses.

Our doctors can recommend the best contact lenses for you based on a complete eye examination and your specific visual needs. Let us help you become as independent from your glasses as you desire.

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Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are comfortable to wear from the moment of initial insertion. The replacement schedule for soft lenses can range from 1-day, 2-weeks, 1-month, quarterly, or yearly. Theses lenses are difficult to dislodge and are ideal for individuals who are involved in contact sports. Even those with astigmatism can have sharp vision with these lenses. Newer available lens materials allow more oxygen transmission to the cornea, resulting in better eye health.

Multifocal lenses allow individuals to be able to see far, computer, and near distances without the need of additional glasses. Don’t let your reading glasses get in the way of your active life. Read more here.

Colored Contact Lenses

Ever want to enhance or change your natural eye color? Colored contact lenses come in a variety of colors to give that subtle change or a drastic, complete eye color transformation. New, high oxygen permeable lens materials are now available.

Gas Permeable (GP) Lenses

GP lenses offer superior vision and eye health compared to soft lenses. Individuals with high astigmatism can greatly benefit from the visual clarity of these lenses. We offer a wide range of GP options for all visual needs. In fact, GP lenses can be customized with extreme precision to any prescription. Wearers of multifocal contact lenses will not find a better option than with GP lenses.


Keratoconus is a progressive degenerative disorder of the eye, which causes the cornea to become thin and take on a “cone” shape. A cone-shaped cornea is an irregular cornea and causes blurred vision, double vision, and excessive glare. Many people with keratoconus describe their vison as having a “tail” or “ghosting” of images.

Spectacles cannot correct for the irregular shape of the cornea. Special lenses for keratoconus masks the irregular corneal shape to dramatically improve vision beyond glasses. The lenses used are usually in a gas permeable material to allow maximum oxygen transmission to the eye. However, there are soft lenses for keratoconus.

Contact lens options for keratoconus include: corneal gas permeable lenses, custom soft contact lenses, hybrid lenses, and scleral lenses.

Irregular cornea

Other than keratoconus, there are a myriad of conditions that could cause an irregular cornea: pellucid marginal degeneration, LASIK induced corneal ectasia, post-corneal transplant, primary or secondary dry eye. Any condition causing an irregular cornea will result in poor vision in spectacles. These individuals may achieve better vision in custom contact lenses.


This is a condition where one’s natural crystalline lens is removed and not replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). These individuals are typically very far-sighted and can greatly benefit from contact lenses.